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Our Experience

With over 15 years of Public Health  experience, and a lifetime of faith, Shanae Godley has found joy in providing health education on the community-level and helping agencies and businesses to build programs that will improve the health and wealth outcomes of women and families, worldwide. 

Why Us?

In today's society, women are doing it all: Working, owning businesses, raising families, taking care of home, serving as elected officials, leading the way in many areas of life, and often times she's doing it all at once. We recognize the journey many of these women are on and the joy she's lost along the way.  

Through Joyz Journey Productions, I promote and build programs for the well-being, empowerment, and professional growth of women. This mission is only a small part of the greater vision of my parent company, Opulent By Design, which  trains, writes, and coaches for the health and wealth impact of women, worldwide.  

I aim to give each of our customers the tools and guidance needed to both - be healthy and build healthy programs.